ICT Use in the Classroom

       I contributed to different seminars trying to apply the Competency Based Approach using ICTs, it was always a fruitful experience, I thought it couldn't be successful without the availability of the Datashow as I was often embarassed to answer negatively whenever my colleagues, who attended my presentations, asked me if I used ICTs in real life situations, I mean in the classroom with my students.

      Once, when back to school, I found myself in a large class, an ordinary classroom with some missing and other broken chairs, an old green blackboard and a box of chalk. I heard a loud voice wishing me a welcome back to reality. I remembered the teachers'worries about ICT use especially the fact that we couldn't have such an expensive and sophisticated device.

      To be honest, I was so disappointed, hopless and weak that I really fell ill and got absent for a day to see a doctor. After my medical visit, I felt hungry so I went to the nearest restaurant where I had to wait a while for the pizza I had ordered. It was midday, different groups of people came: workers, students and even families, they were all busy eating and talking in an unbearable noisy atmosphere; I looked around and noticed everybody's eyes fixed up on a corner behind me at the top as if something was falling down. I turned my head curiously, the noise was coming from a little screen there, and everybody was watching TV.

      I suddenly had a wonderful idea and said : "why not teaching with a single ordinary computer? It is not necessary to have a sufficient number of computers or an overhead projector "DATASHOW" to realize an interactive lesson."

      A week later, I invited my pupils for an extra class in a free afternoon for all of us, we went to a small isolated classroom where we organised the tables so as all of the pupils could see the monitor and blackboard, I gathered a number of pictures about Martin Luther King and his famous speech "I Have a Dream" on a powerpoint presentation. As I prepared some questions for comprehension check and further discussions.

      My pupils responded quite well to the lesson. They were so fascinated that they couldn't leave the classroom before coming towards me, have a deep glance at their new blackboard then thank me, the slow learners thanked me in Arabic and French, while the others expressed their gratitude using good English. 


      I received a reward on the spot, a kiss from a pupil who was so delighted that she was the last to leave the classroom and wished to come back as soon as possible. The lesson left great impact on my pupils. What is amazing is they are all now at the university.


 Sunday,May. 07th, 2006.

3rd Year Foreign Languages Class

Technicum Gdyel-Oran